Design Challenge 4: Taylour Beadling


secondaryavatar_thumbWow! I can’t believe it’s really getting down to the nitty-gritty of deciding the final three designers! This challenge was particularly, well, challenging. It took me forever just to decide what to use from my life to make a pattern about without being brutally direct. It took a trip to the beach, as well as some brain storming help from my mom, to figure it out.

I eventually decided to do a pattern based on my lifelong love for a nice, star-filled sky. Luckily my best buddy and I got bored and decided to head to the beach one night. Since the beach was so dark, it was full of stars. We talked about how great it is to be able to leave living in a city for a moment and be reminded of what a real night sky looks like. It’s like I always forget what a clear, dark night is like until I get the pleasure of experiencing it again. I was also reminded of one of my first memories, which was randomly waking up as a child and seeing a shooting star outside of my window. As coincidence would have it, my friend and I ended up seeing a good three shooting stars that night.


solidcoordinatesAfter deciding to do stars it took me a bit to figure out how to represent them without using the kind of stars a kid would draw in their textbooks while bored in math class. I looked at impressionists and various other artists and their interpretation of stars. I also looked at diamonds and jewelry and the way it catches light.

influencesThanks so much for checking out my pattern. When I finally figured it all out it was a blast to make. Again, I can’t believe I made it this far. Thank you everyone out there rooting for me.

Also, I feel like I should make an absolutely dreadful joke regarding wishing on stars in relation to the competition. Well too bad, I already wished for a petite lap giraffe.




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4 comments on “Design Challenge 4: Taylour Beadling

  1. Beautiful and stunning design Taylor. So much said in your graphic… awesome to dream with!

  2. Love the Art Deco feel of these Taylour. Good luck

  3. Rebecca on said:

    Lots of interesting elements, layering and textures here!

  4. Love the Deco feel and star interpretation Taylour!

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