Checking out the Quilting Scene with Alice

Raise your hand if you are a quilting newbie… *raises hand*

Last year I attended my first quilt show purely by chance because I was looking for something to do on a rainy weekend and happened to live across the road. Most of the quilts were more traditional in style and were beautiful, then there were a handful of modern quilts that really made me rethink what I thought quilt could be. The quilt show was also overflowing with fabric stalls selling colours and patterns that I’d never seen in stores here.

Fast forward to today after I’ve spent hours (and then some more hours) trawling through pinterest and quilting blogs and consider my mind blown! Quilts are completely brilliant and as soon as my sewing machine is out of storage (and perhaps after I’ve finished weaving in all the tails on my current crochet project) I want to start one!

I pinned and pinned and pinned everything that I spoke to me (you can check out the board here). Finally I looked back over the images and wondered “where is all the patterned fabric?”. Now I understand the importance of solid coordinates!

I suffer a bit from liking most things, especially anything that lets me see into the world of craftsperson who made it. There are definitely two categories of quilts that I like though. There are those that I’d love on my bed or hanging on my wall and those that I’d love to admire in a exhibition or at someone else’s home, but wouldn’t necessarily choose in my own home. I tried to keep my pinboard to the former.

littlebluebell_01littlebluebell_03 Rebel Amish Quilt by Adrianne Ove (Front and Back) – I love the colours, triangles and the use of negative space.

I’ve learned that I love strong geometric elements in a quilt and also gravitate towards quilts that utilise negative space. I spotted some quilts online that captivated me with how the stitching related to the placement of fabric, such as this quilt (first image) by Jess H from the Wollongong Modern Quilt guild (apparently a first timer, there is hope for me yet), and this pillow (not a quilt I know) by Julianna over at It is hard to see all the details in a lot of the online images so I’m keeping my eye out for the next quilt show near me.

I also went to one of the big fabric chains here in Brisbane to see if I could find some fabric that wowed me but I left underwhelmed. Everything in Australia seems to be twice the price with half the range. I’ll have to check out some of the speciality fabric stores, though I’m already dreading the prices. I can see why quilting shows are so popular here with the range on sale compared to in stores.

I only wish I had done this exercise before the first challenge. When I look at my pretty new pinboard of quilts and then back to colour choices I made the last challenge they don’t relate. I had given thought to how a quilter might chop up the print but my mind was elsewhere when it came to colour.

I’ll end of with a family treasure! A quilt belonging to my mother that was completely hand stitched by one of my amazing aunts and presented to my parents as a thank you gift. Because of what this quilt means to my family it is impossible for me to critique its aesthetics or do anything other than completely adore it.


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2 comments on “Checking out the Quilting Scene with Alice

  1. great post, Alice! going to follow your quilt board— nice research. isn’t it great how much we learn from these assignments? beautiful family quilt.

  2. Hey Alice!!! I love that family quilt– it is fabulous and I love the way you write about it. Great post- love that modern quilt you chose too. I have to raise my hand as well- definitely didnt realize how much of a quilting novice I was until I got involved in repeat(ed)!! It’s true what Nicky says- the learning is amazing with every assignment. very inspiring! Cant wait to check out your pins!

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