Challenge One Reflections: Ellen Rushman & Madeleine Roberg

From the sewing room of Ellen Rushman:

Props to all ten designers who shared some great designs, exciting blog posts, and inspiration insight with all of us the last few days. Congratulations to Kim who swept both the judges and the readers away with her stitchy design. I loved the floral print and could see it pieced within a quilt or as a lovely big hunk on the back of a quilt. Sending hugs to MaJo and Holly who sadly won’t be moving forward in REPEAT(ed). As I studied all the designs last week, I realized I had a few favorites, but really had no idea who I would send home. Good thing I’m not a judge this round…

Here are a few things for all the designers to think about specific to designing fabric for quilters:

  • Quilters take lovely fabric like you just designed and hack it up! Explore this Pinterest board to get an idea of how quilters cut fabric. Look at the sizes of the different shapes that make up a quilt. Hint: Right now I am buried in 2.5″ strips for a project.
  • Quilters buy a lot of fabric. Explore what is out there and strive to create something different.
  • Does the stereotypical image of a quilter in your head scare you? It did me too for a while…explore the quilting scene to reassure yourself that there really are people out there who want the awesome designs rolling around in your head.

From the sewing room of Madeleine Roberg:

Congratulations Kim! What an amazing round of designs to start off REPEAT(ed). I want to thank all of our contestants for their hard work. I loved the enthusiasm that showed in every single design.

When I looked at all of the designs as they came in I was relieved that I didn’t have to judge them and I would like to take the time to thank our lovely guest judges for taking the time to help our contestants.

For most quilters buying fabric is almost or maybe even more fun than actually quilting. Some quilters buy fabric based on the designer. For example, when I worked in a fabric shop a lady came in to get the latest Jo Morton fabric and as we talked she revealed that she had a Jo Morton room added onto her house. Notice that it wasn’t a sewing room. I have run into quilters who will buy any fabric in a certain color because the color is maybe hard to find or they use it a lot and most of the time they don’t care about the motifs they just buy a certain color to always have on hand. When I was traveling to shows our TQM Products booth was across the way from a shop that only sells novelty fabric and she has customers travel two to three hours to come to her store to find novelty prints. Every quilter has their own criteria for what they will add to their stash and your job as a designer is to get into their stash. In this round I would definitely have added most of the prints to my own stash. Keep up the good work. I am looking forward to seeing all of you develop as designers.

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One comment on “Challenge One Reflections: Ellen Rushman & Madeleine Roberg

  1. As someone who’s never really quilted, and has very little knowledge regarding quilts, that Pinterest board is blowing my mind!

    Thank you for sharing!

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