Call For Entries…

To learn more about REPEAT and to veiw the Official Entry Form with Rules and Regulations visit REPEAT and Enter Now.

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4 comments on “Call For Entries…

  1. This is simply supurb, very indepth, thank you.

  2. looks like a super fun competition. question though – it looks like to be a part of the competition, the 10 finalists must turnover all copyrights to tpb? is that true? i didn’t see a link to the assignment of copyright, so just wanted to check if it was an assignment of ALL copyrights, or if some are reserved to the artist…

    • thank you so much for getting back to me about this. and the copyright with reversion sounds much more what i was hoping for!

    • Tammie, thanks for your question! We understand and appreciate that copyright is a very important matter for designers. We will be uploading the Assignment of Copyright document in the coming days, but it is an assignment of Copyright with Reversion. So work submitted as part of the monthly challenges will be the property of TPB for one year and after that point, all copyright will be returned to the artist. This set up allows for us to abide by Spoonflower’s Terms of Service throughout the competition while also ensuring that your work is returned to you.

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