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Design Challenge Three: Nicky Ovitt

Hello, It’s great to be back for round three. Thank you to everyone who has sent their kind words and encouragement along the way. This challenge was an interesting one for me because I ended up viewing something I live … Continue reading

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Hope. Nicky Ovitt

I’m tackling this post in the last possible moments of the deadline, as it’s been difficult to look forward lately. Sometimes things happen in life which take the wind out of you. A harsh reminder: “what’s really important, anyway?” This … Continue reading

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Design Challenge Two: Nicky Ovitt

Our family was on vacation when the Tools of the Trade theme for this challenge was announced. My husband the long-time union contractor and I had a lot of fun brainstorming it in the car. So many occupations came to … Continue reading

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Quilt fabric impressions and aspirations from Nicky Ovitt

Hello. Nice to be with you for this next round! To be honest, I know only the basics about quilting and sewing. So far, I’ve successfully sewn curtains and pillowcases— straight lines, please! So to my wonderfully talented seamstress friends … Continue reading

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Design Challenge One: Nicky Ovitt

I’m so excited to be part of this competition and this first challenge is a great one! Unlike some of the other participants, I am admittedly NOT very well traveled. As I described to a friend the other day, I’m … Continue reading

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In the studio with Nicky Ovitt

Hello and welcome to my studio! I’m excited you’re here. Grab a cup of peppermint tea and let’s sit. My office is located only 1.5 blocks from my house in the The Burdell Building. This block long, brick building was … Continue reading

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