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Design Challenge Two: Janel Maske

For this challenge, I thought I’d better put some thought into the market. Who might use fabric with tools? It is a pretty broad topic, I suppose, but it seemed like any fabric which would end up with a very … Continue reading

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Some thoughts on quilting & the quilting fabric marketplace…

Oh, boy, this post was tough. I am not a quilter. My mom taught me to sew when I was in grade school, but we only really made clothes. The only thing I’ve sewn in the last few years is … Continue reading

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Design Challenge One: Janel Maske

This first challenge gave me a great excuse to spend hours and hours on Google Earth. I love exploring the world by satellite!! I wanted to go far far away from my cold snow-covered world here in the midwest. After … Continue reading

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In the Studio with Janel

I live in a small bungalow-of-sorts with my husband and two rats in an older neighborhood in Waukesha, Wisconsin. It’s only one room wide, and is nothing but windows, so the lighting is great! It’s also super cold, but I … Continue reading

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