And the Winner of the Industrial Revolution Design Challenge is….

Emelia Haglund, Jacquard fabric, weaving

Jacquard, Colorway One/Fat Quarter - WINNER!

Jacquard, Colorway Two/Single Repeat - WINNER!

Jacquard, Colorway Three/Single Repeat - WINNER!

emalia haglund, The winner of the Industrial Revolution challenge is Emelia Haglund!  Emelia’s design, inspired by changes in weaving during the Industrial Revolution and the Jacquard loom, was awesome from afar and up close.  Emelia’s use of color was appealing and unique at the same time.  The designs versatility, in terms of what the viewer sees, captivated the attention of the judges.

Judge Remarks

  • I was immediately sucked into your designs.  I love the overall simplicity of the design that contrasts perfectly with the detailed lines.  The “arrows” appear to glow in your first and second colorway.  The gray colorway would literally fit with anything.  I can imagine some really fun blocks made with your design!
  • I really liked the design that you ended up with and the connection to the industrial revolution.  Very nice – you were my pick!
  • Your design shows that you really thought about the industrial revolution and used your own experience as a weaver to create a new and unique design.  I liked that you took the risk with colorway three, the colors are different and it works really well.


The competition is heating up though, Emelia won by only one point!  Michele Rosenboom was second in the judge’s scores, and she won the Reader’s Choice Award.  Congratulations Michele!

Determining the eliminated contestants was equally difficult for the judges, and the scores were incredibly close.  Sadly, this month’s eliminated contestants are Leah Sorensen-Hayes and Emily Herr.  We will miss their design aesthetic, but we know they both have the talent to go far.

Check back throughout the week to hear more about what the judges thought and on Friday we will reveal the next design challenge.


It was exciting to read all about people’s sewing spaces, and the winner of the $50 Fat Quarter Shop Giveaway is…Marty L.!  We’ll email you the details!

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4 comments on “And the Winner of the Industrial Revolution Design Challenge is….

  1. congratulations emelia! (and michele!)
    i can’t wait to see what’s next!

  2. Michele Rosenboom on said:

    Congratulations Emelia! I really enjoyed the explanation of your design and I think your 3rd colorway (the orange) is especially nice. Enjoy being the “winner”!!!!!

  3. Leah Sorensen-Hayes on said:

    Congratulations, Emelia and Michele!! It was thrilling to see the collection of everyone’s work last Thursday–so many beautiful, creative solutions to the challenge. I’ve so enjoyed getting to know all of you and being a part of this lovely and talented group. I’ve had a wonderful time! Thank you, Ellen & Madeleine, for the opportunity. Best of luck to you all!

  4. marty l. on said:

    Congrats Emelia! I’m also double-dog excited to win the Fat Quarter stash!! Thanks!

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