And the Wanderlust Design Challenge Winner is…

Kim Andersson

Kim Andersson


The winner of design challenge one is Kim Andersson!

Congratulations Kim, your Folkloric Stitches wowed the judges with your impressive use of color, scale, motifs and inspiration. You took a very big risk on taking the 3-D texture of embroidery and interpreting it in 2-D, but it paid off and the judges were impressed.                         

Judge Remarks

Michelle Rosenboom said: “Very lovely design.  The subject matter is on trend, but I haven’t seen this sort of interpretation of it, so I love that you put your own spin on it. The print is going to cut up wonderfully for quilt-making and it would translate very well to whole-cloth applications like curtains or the like.  The textural quality that the stitching adds is very nice. While I love the final result of your design, one piece of constructive criticism I might add is that I am missing a bit of a connection to a place, perhaps that’s because you were talking about Europe and folk pattern very generally.  Europe is so varied.  Overall, a very sophisticated design.  In terms of the print and the color.  Easy to love and I can’t wait to see more!”

Kim Kight said: “Kim, I love this! The hand-drawn look, the inspiration of needlepoint and European folk motifs, the palette, everything! I have no technical criticisms, I’m just very impressed.”

Rashida Coleman-Hale said: “I love everything about this!  The colors, the stitches, the florals….such an amazing array of eye candy in this design.  Fabulous job!  I need some of this in a voile please. :)

The readers also adored Kim’s Folkloric Stitches. Congratulations Kim for earning the Reader’s Choice Award on top of winning the first Design Challenge!

Unfortunately, all great journeys must come to an end. After calculating each judge’s Score Sheet, the eliminated designers this month are Holly Helgeson and MaJo.  Holly and MaJo are incredibly talented designers and amazing people. We wish them the best of luck in their fabric designing careers and know that this will not be the last we hear from these two talented ladies.

The judge scores are based on analyzing multiple aspects (from scale to marketability) of each design on a one to ten scale. The sum of the scores determines the ranking of designers.  Here’s what the judges thought, what did you think?

  1. Kim Andersson
  2. Nicky Ovitt
  3. Janel Maske
  4. Taylour Beadling
  5. Rebecca Ng
  6. Jessica Majers
  7. Alice Murphy
  8. Kate Austin
  9. Holly Helgeson
  10. MaJo

Stay tuned this week for feedback from Madeleine, Ellen and our three outstanding judges.

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5 comments on “And the Wanderlust Design Challenge Winner is…

  1. Congratulations Kim!

  2. Congratulations Kim for winning the first design challenge and reader’s choice! Your design is gorgeous! I really appreciate being part of such a wonderful competition, and getting to know all of the talented designers! Thank you to Ellen and Madeleine for giving me the opportunity! I will miss you all and eagerly await your next designs! Best of luck to all the designers! Gonna miss you MaJo! Love your whimsical designs!!

  3. Big congrats, Kim! Lovely design and looking forward to your next.

  4. Congrats Kim! and Nicky too! looking forward to your next designs.

  5. Jan Hamilton on said:

    Congratulations Kim ! I really loved your colors
    and designs and the skill it took to put it all together.
    Looking forward to the next round now!

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