In the fall of 2010 we met at the International Quilt Study Center and Museum.  As students, by day we focused on the past, whereas by night, we were immersed in the future of quilting.  After finishing our school related readings, we found a mutual love of blog stalking (ie. research).  Strangely, we both also love digging, with archaeology holding a special place in our hearts.  Other coincidences include that neither of us have a couch, we both like knitting, and we both drink approximately two gallons of tea a day.  Also, we have both started kitchen fires with microwave potato bags.

Our daily interactions were interrupted when Madeleine graduated, but in October 2011, we embarked on an epic journey that would shape our lives forever, or at least for the time being.

At Quilt Market/Festival we witnessed another side of quilting.  Whoa.  Creative people everywhere, ideas abound, we can do this!  The car ride home was filled with brainstorms.  Subsequent tea-fueled sessions helped us solidify an idea.  The Printed Bolt.

Combining our love of fabric with our fascination of the online universe, we decided to launch a competition.  Repeat.  A way to introduce unique designers to the quilting world.

We are looking at this competition as a way to bring lots of people together.  People meetin people, meetin people, meetin people…

The Life and Times of Ellen

The Life and Times of Madeleine